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cia_boston's Journal

CIA: The Boston Field Office
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The CIA Field Office of Boston is focused on Homeland Security and Anti-Terrorism measures.

Regular Personnel:
Jack Bristow jackdbristow -- Special Agent in Charge
Eric Weiss eric_weiss -- Assistant Special Agent in Charge/CIA Analyst
Gilda Sinclair gildasinclair -- Secretary

Kaitlyn Anderson kaitlynanderson -- Chief Medical Officer
Amato Antonelli amatosgrayskies -- CIA Field Agent, Tactical Specialist
Azzurra Antonelli azzurrasbluesky -- CIA Field Agent, Operations Specialist
Eskevar eskevar -- Counselor
Charlotte Marchessault cm_marchessault -- CIA Field Agent, Head of Security
Andrew Moser andrew_moser -- CIA Field Agent, Head of Technology

Emily Tuthill emily_tuthill -- Liaison to the CIA from MI-6.

Mark Vasquez markvasquez -- CIA Field Agent
James H. Weiss msg_ina_bottle -- CIA Field Agent
Arica Weiss aricamuse -- Consultant running federal lab just outside of town, Eric's wife.

Recurring Characters:
Aidan Merrick aidan_merrick -- An unknown
Mckenas Cole mckenas_cole -- Bad guy.
Irina Derevko irina__derevko -- Sydney's mother
Joshua Doors joshuadoors -- Lottie's boyfriend
John Munch johnmunch_svu -- Police detective of New York, Conspiracy nut
Aaron Pierce aaronpierce -- Secret Service Agent transfered to CIA Boston
Nadia Santos nadia_santos -- Liaison from Argentina (limited appearances)

[Disclaimer: This is a FICTIONAL universe created based on FICTIONAL Characters. Eric Weiss, Nadia Santos, McKenas Cole, Irina Derevko, and Jack Bristow are from Alias; Emily Tuthill is from The Grid; Joshua Doors is from Earth:Final Conflict. John Munch is from Law and Order: SVU. Aaron Pierce is from 24! All other characters are originals. We have no contact with the people who we have assigned to play these characters.]